Workshop on Trustworthy Algorithmic Decision-Making

The Workshop on Trustworthy Algorithmic Decision-Making seeks to bring together scholars to identify future research opportunities and suggests plans and research ideas for making the use of algorithms in society more trustworthy.

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Computer-based algorithms are increasingly being used in systems that automatically make important decisions on behalf of people, including determining what news people see online, controlling speed and steering of cars, choosing prices for goods and services, filtering job applicants, recognizing and categorizing airport travelers, and making sentencing recommendations for people convicted of crimes. As these algorithms simultaneously become more common and more complicated, it is important to understand whether they can be trusted to make decisions like these, what makes algorithms trustworthy, and how algorithms can be made more trustworthy.

Fundamentally, these algorithms operate in a complicated socio-technical context that includes the designers of the algorithms, the data used as an input to the algorithms, the interface that presents and uses the outputs, the people who make choices about goals of algorithms and when to use algorithms, and societal laws and norms that influence their use. All aspects of this context influence the outputs of the algorithms, and also impact whether they are worthy of being trusted to make important decisions.

This workshop will bring together scholars from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds for a 2-day working session in the Washington DC area. The primary goal of this workshop is to develop ideas that will further define the problem space, the key problems and the critical questions that need to be answered to make progress toward understanding, developing, and evaluating trustworthy algorithmic decision-making. A report on future challenges and opportunities will be produced and made available after the workshop.

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December 4-5, 2017
Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City, Arlington, VA


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