Travel Booking Procedure

Participants attending the NSF Workshop on Trustworthy Algorithmic Decision-Making held December 4-5 in District of Columbia should book their travel according to the following instructions. Anne Marie Salter ([email protected] ; 517-432-8005) is serving as the event coordinator. She normally can be reached M-F 8-12, 1-5PM US Eastern time.

Instructions for Arranging Travel

Hotel: We will book hotel rooms at the Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City (where the workshop is being held) for all participants who need them. We assume all participants will need a hotel room for Dec 3-6 (3 nights) and we will directly pay for this. Please contact Anne Marie Salter ([email protected]) by Nov 1 st if you do not need this hotel room, or if you have any additional requests (special needs; extended stay at your own expense, etc.).

Flights: You will need to book your own flights, and MSU will reimburse you for the expenses. As a general rule, MSU will reimburse for the cost of the flight, or the cost of the lowest price comparable flight (similar dates and airports), whichever is less. If you have any special needs or requests (e.g. medical reason for a more expensive seat), please contact Anne Marie Salter ([email protected]) to discuss.

We want to be able to reimburse you for the flight you book. Because airlines are constantly changing their prices, it is best if you can provide us with a comparison (screen shot) of the flight you book from the same date you purchase your ticket, along with other options and their prices. Here is the process for booking your flight:

  1. Find your desired flight on whatever site you prefer. (You may also purchase your flight at this point if you wish; if you choose to purchase your flight first please take into consideration that MSU will reimburse you for the least expensive comparable flight.)
  2. Email the flight information (screen capture works well) to Anne Marie
  3. She will go on to the MSU system, compare the flight, and send you a response within 2-3 days.
  4. The response may be a question, or confirmation that the flight is comparable to what the MSU system finds, and authorization to book the flight.
  5. You may then purchase your flight if you have not already done so. (We recommend completing your flight purchase within a few days to ensure prices do not increase and so that you receive reimbursement for the full cost of your flight.)

Please note that while MSU’s general policy is to reimburse the cost of coach class seating, participants are welcome to purchase any seat they like, but the amount reimbursed will be the cost of a coach class seat.

If you are a PhD student or have financial difficulty in paying for the flight up front, please contact Anne Marie and she will be able to book the flight for you.

If you have questions (I usually do – especially concerning alternatives to the lowest priced flight), please contact Anne Marie.

After the workshop, follow the instructions to receive reimbursement.

Email Anne-Marie