Reimbursement Procedure

Participants attending the NSF Workshop on Trustworthy Algorithmic Decision-Making held December 4-5 will be reimbursed for travel and meal expenses incurred as part of their participation in the workshop. Anne Marie Salter ([email protected] ; 517-432-8005) is serving as the event coordinator. She can be reached M-F 8-12, 1-5PM US Eastern time if you have any questions about reimbursement.

Instructions for Getting Reimbursed

We can reimburse the following transportation expenses

  1. Transportation to the airport
  2. Parking
  3. Your flight
  4. Local transportation from the airport to your hotel and back
  5. Transportation home.

For each of these you will need itemized receipts.

Hotel: The hotel will be pay directly, and thus are not an expense that will need to be reimbursed. Meals Meals will be provided during the workshop – Monday Dec 4 breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Tues Dec 5 breakfast and lunch. Meals that are not provided (such as on days you are traveling) can be reimbursed based on per diem rates, depending on when you travel. Receipts are not needed.

Obtaining Reimbursement

The reimbursement process will consist of two steps.

  1. All participants should fill out the MSU Non-Employee reimbursement form, which is available on the workshop website or will be handed out at the workshop.
  2. In a single (or a few sequential) emails, participants should send scanned, photographed or emailed (in the case of flights) receipts to Anne Marie Salter ([email protected]) who will review and submit for processing.

All submissions for reimbursement must be made within one month from the workshop date (January 6, 2018).

Reimbursement Form Email Anne-Marie